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iLink was founded in Concepción, Chile to provide with translation and interpretingservices and then link ideas, people and cultures. We are a team of young professionals translating from English into Spanish and other languages. Besides, we offer quality services, according to the requirements of our clients. All our knowledge on translation and interpreting are available to you, whenever you need them.

We are a team with Young Ideas and a lot of Experience

At iLink, we have the translators’ team for the languages that you need. Ask for a meeting to assess the type of document that you need to translate. We are dedicated to the translation of manuals, reports, contracts and everything that requires a professional translator. Besides English, we also do translations in other languages such as German, French, Portuguese and Italian, among others.


We take the responsibility of complying with our contracts, giving high quality to each of our works.


We have the capabilities to adapt our services to your translation and interpreting needs, based on the flexibility that your activity requires.


All the information used to develop our services is managed under non-disclosure agreements.

Available services

We face the challenges our clients present us, contact us at hola@ilink.cl

With our headquarters in the city of Concepción we serve customers throughout Chile as: Santiago, Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, La Serena, Rancagua, Iquique, Antofagasta, Constitución, Temuco, Valdivia y Puerto Montt. Send us a message from the form at the end of this page or email hola@ilink.cl and we will analyze your requirements to provide you with an answer in the shortest possible time.


Our experience

Tenemos clientes de diferentes áreas, tu puedes ser uno de ellos.

Our clients -for translation and interpreting- come from different areas.

Our main clients have led us to domain technical and specialized vocabulary of areas such as:

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